Project no.2

A world designation with quaint South Florida shops and galleries that combine modern styles with antiques and country sensibilities offering everything from cool vintage threads to designer wear, shoes, pocketbooks and jewelry, tucked away with cobblestone streets and ivory cast- houses.

The iconic Metropolitan Marketplace will offer the latest in upscale urban residences, perfect for Professional Sporting Retreats, Corporate venues, Recreational and seasonal living, or anyone who wants to take advantage of Hallandale's newest contemporary themed housing community. Situated amongst hundreds of acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, this trendy, upscale and smart condominium complex will offer the convenience of a Sports Medical Clinic; world class fitness amenities, restaurants, café’s, lounges, bars, shops, and exclusive residence transportation; all the amenities and comforts one would come to expect from a- professional sporting event experience with a myriad of shopping, dining, hotels, conference, medical- and professional sports related place-based entertainment services and infrastructure that cater for, and provide for; the ultimate- in a Sustainable Sports environment.

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