Project no.5

Through the extensive and collaborative network of VR Sports, we are building integrated sports infrastructural ecosystems that cater for and provide unique opportunities for Caribbean children of all ages.

VR Sports collaborate with sports organizations and professional service providers world-wide aimed at providing opportunities across the Americas region.


Together we are developing the future in Integrated Sports Infrastructure as a social economic model for regional development. Our Sports HUBs represent an integrated network and an alliance aiming to create a sustainable business model that caters for a range of sports  These development create new opportunities, growth, and excellence in sports for the local governments, athletes, associations, service and technology providers, fans, and spectators.

Our goal is through the design and integration of a world-class facility, with fully integrated sports, world-class, state-of-the-art sport, entertainment and dynamic lifestyle experiences we can create a community in Grenada from where professionals, competitions and spectators can watch, play and learn about sports in one place-based location – while creating opportunities for local sports and tourism businesses across the region.

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